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Former People's Commune—an important heritage site under state protection (8 kilometers apart from the Chaya scenic area)

Chaya Weixing People's Commune was the first People's Commune of China, which played an important role in a period of history.

When Chairman Mao Zedong once inspected Suiping County in person, it was a great moment in Chinese history. Today, as a witness of history, it shows visitors the bad and good days of the past so that the people here know about the commune culture as well as rediscover history and remember the difficulties faced in the development of China.

Chaya Weixing People's Commune site, founded on April 20, 1958, is located 200 meters west of Xinzhuang Village of Chaya Mountain Town. It occupies 30,525 square meters and was the first People's Commune and also an example of rural politics in the period of People's commune movement. Its evolution and development provides a valuable history lesson for us to sum up the experiences and lessons learned in the construction of socialism.

Chaya People's Commune---- an experiment of building socialism in a rural area

Chaya Mountain Weixing Commune implemented the policy of "large in size and collective in nature". Men and women were arranged into regiments, battalions, companies and platoons like an army according to the claim of the "collectivization of life, militarization of organizations, and the action of fighting". The Militia went to work with a gun. Members of commune were asked to wear the same clothes. In summer, men wore a top and shorts while women wore floral-print tops and dresses. People had collective life building nurseries, kindergartens, old people's homes, public canteens and public hospitals. Efforts in wage systems, water conservancy, mechanized farming and the reform of farm tools were also carried out. In this way, agricultural production and economic construction made significant progress. However, at the same time, some bad things also appeared such as false output reports and the use of high yield satellites.