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With an area of 50 square kilometers, Chaya Mountain Scenic Area, also known as the Linglong Mountain, Cuo'e Mountain and Stone Monkey Holy Mountain, is an offshoot of east margin of Funiu Mountain, being a boutique tourist destination for eco sightseeing and vacationing. It is home to more than 300 attractions, such as the nine wonders, nine peaks, nine caves, nine sheds, nine rocks, natural hot spring and flower sea, reputed to be the China's Bonsai, Wonder of the World, Holy Mountain & Flower Sea and Spirit Water & Sweet Hot Spring, as the famous poem, composed by Xu Zan, Director of the Board of Rites of the Ming Dynasty, depicts that valleys hidden and peaks towering in clouds above the holy marvelous Chaya Mountain. The region is honored with such titles as the National AAAAA Tourist Attraction, National Geo-Park, National Forest Park, National Popular Science Base of Land and Resources, National Science and Technology Demonstration Park for Water and Soil Conservation, and National Tourism Standardization Demonstration Unit of the first batch. Furthermore, it is also the major place where the CCTV drama A Journey to the West was shot.