Chaya Mountain Scenic Area
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One-day Tour Route A: Sightseeing Route of Wonder Stones

Chaya Mountain Scenic Area consists of five parts: South Mountain, North Mountain, Six Peak Mountain, Millstone Lake and Pipa Lake. There are unusual rocks, mountains, rivers, and steep-sided valleys all around these scenic spots. The South Mountain, North Mountain and Six Peak Mountain are close to each other. Honey Lake, Pipa Lake and Millstone Lake are interspersed among them, constituting a unique and beautiful scene.

This whole tour is about 8 kilometers, and takes about 3 hours. The route is dangerous because of the steep mountain road. Please be careful when enjoying it!

South Mountain Gate > Culture Square > Geological Museum > The Brick Carving Art Museum > Xiumi Lake > Mila Peak > Baogong Temple > Kingdom of Stone Animals > Wulong Taoist Temple > Sculpture Garden of Journey to the West > Millennial Confucius Cypress > Hundred Stone Steps > Fenghuangtai Peak > Flying-Over Stone > A Gleam of Sky > Stone Monkey King > Suspension Bridge > Stone Mother & Child > Stone Monks > Slideway > East Mountain Gate